Elevate Good Friday with Flowers

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Elevate Good Friday with Flowers

Elevate Good Friday with Flowers


How To Observe Good Friday in 2022

Before the joyful pastels of Easter Sunday, the Christian community will observe a quiet, reflective week, culminating in Good Friday. If you weren’t raised in a Christian household, you might be unaware of important details about this special day. Read on to learn about the significance of Good Friday.

The Meaning Behind Good Friday

In Christian tradition, Good Friday is the most solemn day of the year. The reflective season of Lent is coming to a close, and Easter Sunday is just a few days away. Good Friday commemorates the suffering and execution of Jesus by the Roman Empire and focuses on the passion and death that precede his resurrection. While the Easter Sunday story is well known and celebrated by religious and non-religious families alike, Good Friday tends to get less attention. As a Christian mourning holiday, observing Good Friday means revisiting Jesus Christ’s persecution and death.

Why Is Good Friday “Good?”

Given the dark history that gives this day its powerful meaning, it may seem strange to call it Good Friday. The name “Good Friday” probably hearkens to an earlier time when “good” had the same meaning as “holy,” or denoted a day the church gives special attention to. By expressing somberness, reflection, and a prayerful attitude on this day, Christians prepare for the excitement and true meaning of Easter Sunday. 

How To Show Respect on Good Friday

Good Friday has been observed for hundreds of years and is typically a day when Christian families dedicate themselves to prayer, fasting, and visiting the church. Centuries ago, St. Francis of Assisi popularized symbolic pilgrimages to Jerusalem to align with Good Friday. Believers would pause and pray or read biblical passages at several Stations of the Cross. These stations include religious paintings or sculptures that showed scenes from Jesus’ life and death. Today, some Christians will pay a visit to several churches on Good Friday, taking time to meditate or pray at each stop. Roman Catholics hold a Good Friday service that they consider the most sacred liturgical moment of the year. Churches will be covered in black drapery to express the solemn occasion in some parts of the world. Many cities have a traditional “passion play,” or theatrical reenactment of Christ’s final hours.

The Best Flowers for Good Friday Celebrations

Show respect for this important moment with an understated floral arrangement that expresses the hope and yearning of Holy Week. White lilies are an Easter favorite and are perfectly appropriate for Good Friday as well. Our beautiful Lilies of the Field arrangement pairs delicate white Oriental lilies with fragrant eucalyptus. Lilies convey purity and goodness, a reminder of Jesus’ perfection in life and death. Switch it up with a different bloom, like tulips, which make a lovely alternative to traditional Easter lilies. As some of the first flowers to pop up in Spring, tulips are joyful proof of the nature of renewal. Our artfully arranged White Tulips express somber tones and hope at the same time. Daisies are another Spring favorite that come in striking colors and symbolize purity, innocence, and loyalty. Our Gerbera Daisy Vase is a colorful option for those seeking a pop of vibrancy at the end of Lent. 

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