Flowers That Will Stay Fresh Throughout Passover

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Flowers That Will Stay Fresh Throughout Passover

Flowers That Will Stay Fresh Throughout Passover


A Modern Take on Passover, with Flowers

Passover is an eight-day Jewish holiday that happens every Spring to remember the Jews’ exodus from Egypt. On the first two nights of Passover, Jewish families sit down to a seder dinner together to recall the events of the exodus story. The seder is filled with special foods, rituals, songs, and traditions. The seder dinner can be a long, festive event that lasts well into the evening and carefully omits any leavened food or non-kosher ingredients. 

While certain elements of Passover are worth repeating year after year, this holiday also lends itself to creating reinvention. Here are some of our ideas to add some fun to this year’s Passover week. 

Explore New Takes on Traditional Recipes

Depending on a family’s preferences, some traditions feel essential to any Passover dinner, and others are ready for a contemporary interpretation. With its core symbolic ingredients, the Passover plate is a worthwhile tradition to uphold. After all, lamb shank, bitter herbs, a boiled egg, green vegetables, and Charoset are essential to bringing the Passover story to life. 

The Passover meal itself, however, gets even more delicious with reinterpretation. Here are some fun takes on the classics: 

  • Herbaceous Matzo Ball Soup. If there is a food that is emblematic of the most delicious part of Jewish culture, Matzo Ball Soup is it. This fan-favorite will please dinner guests whether you give it a modern spin or not. That said, adding ground rosemary to your fluffy matzo balls makes for a delightful surprise. 
  • Smoked salmon Gefilte fish. Carp or whitefish are normally used in this classic stuffed fish recipe. Try working with smoked salmon instead. In a food processor, combine smoked salmon with vegetables and herbs before shaping the mixture into ovals and poaching it. The texture will resemble gefilte fish as you know and love it; the flavor will be out of this world.
  • Tangy brisket. Coat the outside of the brisket with vinegar and citrus juice, marinating it well before cooking. Brisket tends to get more delicious a day or two after it is cooked – so cooking well ahead of the seder will create the most delicious Passover dinner.
  • Dandelion salad. Bitter herbs can be both symbolic and delicious when dandelion is in the mix. This highly flavorful green is a tasty addition to salads or braised vegetable dishes. Pair it will lemon juice or citrus vinaigrette for balanced flavors.
  • A variety of sweets. Meringues, lemon curd, berry tarts, ganache, and cookies all lend themselves well to gluten-free preparations. Keep the abundance of the meal alive with a varied sweets platter.

Keep the Kids Engaged

In many ways, Passover is more about celebrating children than it is about remembering the exodus story. After all, Passover is all about reciting the Haggadah and passing on traditions to children – it is only fitting that the next generation should be at the center of the festivities. Here are some fun ways for kids to get hands-on this Passover:

  • Make a seder plate with kids. Youngsters will love drawing the ritual foods of the seder plate on a paper plate with crayons or tracing actual foods and writing down their names in English or Hebrew.
  • Give kids a wine alternative. Drinking red wine from a kiddush or goblet is integral to the seder. Kids will feel special and more involved if they are drinking something that looks like wine – red fruit juice is a great option – from a goblet, as well.
  • Tidy up together. A spirit of spring cleaning is enmeshed with Passover, given where it falls in the year and the purity associated with the holiday. Give your kids a broom or cleaning spray and invite them to help you tidy up to prepare the space for rituals.
  • Tell the story in your own words. Storytelling is a major component of Passover. Encourage children to jump into the meaning of the holiday by repeating back what they learn from the Haggadah reading and act out portions of the story in skits or play-acting to make it even more fun. 

Make It Beautiful with Flowers

Are you looking to bring your Seder table to life with fresh Spring flowers? While Jewish traditions do not have any special rules for Passover flowers, we recommend blooms that express the Spring season’s fertility and delight. Hydrangeas, lilies, daisies, daffodils, and tulips are some of the seasonal wonders that announce the marvels of Spring and add to the spirit of freedom and celebration that families celebrate during Passover. Make Allen’s Flower Market your destination to add a floral statement to your seder table. Bring elegance and refinement to your seder table with white Calla Lilies this Passover! Calla Lilies in Bloom is a stately bouquet that makes for an ideal centerpiece. Playful pink lilies dance with full-bodied hydrangeas in Hydrangea Flair for a more youthful, smiley direction. Complement your seat cushions, linens, and interior design flair with an inviting bouquet like our Garden Grove arrangement, where stunning orchids peer out among purple roses, lavender, and soft hydrangea petals.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we’re proud to make your celebratory centerpieces come to life with exquisite blooms that put a fine point on Passover hospitality. We offer same-day delivery for all your floral needs, locally and nationwide. With our commitment to cultural experiences and the finest in customer service, it’s no wonder we’ve been voted Best Florist in Long Beach since 2011. Check out our Spring arrangements online: