Get Ready for a Festive Father’s Day!

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Thursday, 16 June 2022 Back

Get Ready for a Festive Father’s Day!

Get Ready for a Festive Father’s Day!


Let’s hear it for the Fathers of the Year!

The days are warm and sunny and fathers everywhere are sure to find any excuse to barbecue. June is the time to celebrate the Dads in your life.


Father’s Day is this Sunday. Did you know that there are over 70 million fathers in the United States? That means that this June 19, an enormous number of households will be honoring the love, care, and guidance that only a Dad can provide. Join them in making this Father’s Day an extra special moment to remember!


Is your father the Dad who seems to have it all? Here are some fresh ideas that are bound to lift his spirits and show him how much you care on this Father’s Day.


·     Get out and about together. Spirited dads love to walk on the wild side. Maybe you try a hike somewhere beautiful, a surfing lesson, or an opportunity to explore a new part of town together. You’re bound to make his day by planning an excursion.

·     Share in his love of gadgets. Whose Dad doesn’t revel in his technology and trinkets? Does he have a smartwatch, set of headphones, or laptop he’s glued to? If so, you’re bound to find the perfect adaptor, ergonomic stand, or wristband to make his favorite bits and bobbles even more functional.

·     Jam on some sweet tuned together. Whether you’re BBQing it up on Father’s Day or spending time in the car together on a fun adventure, contributing a cheerful Father’s Day playlist is a lovely gesture and a great way to infuse your personality with your quality time. Just don’t be surprised when he’s still listening to it three, four, or five Father’s Days from now. 

·     Buy him a cool subscription. Step aside, Jelly of the Month. These days, you can subscribe Dad to a whole range of essentials or luxuries. Consider a men’s magazine or newsletter that he can read monthly, a wild new hot sauce, a regular shipment of craft beer, or even a fancy steak - all of these can be sent via subscription.

·     Make it festive with flowers. Sure, a sumptuous bouquet may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about celebrating Father’s Day. But with soft accent blooms, you can make the day feel special and unlike any other. We love the idea of an understated orchid assortment decorating a Father’s Day dinner or a vibrant, summery floral centerpiece to accent your BBQ.


Or, if flowers aren’t his thing, Allen’s Flower Market can still be your one-stop shop for potted plants, wine boxes, cookies, and balloons. Shop gifts for Dad here: