How to Celebrate Fall Equinox with Flowers

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Saturday, 21 September 2019 Back

How to Celebrate Fall Equinox with Flowers

How to Celebrate Fall Equinox with Flowers


Turn Over a New Leaf with Floral Decorations

Happy Fall Solstice on behalf of Allen’s Flower Market! You know the seasons are changing when leafy trees pop in yellow and red, when the air feels smooth and fresh, and when you start craving cinnamon spice. While you’re cozying up in sweaters, here are some fun facts about the autumnal equinox.

The Fall Solstice has been a celebration in many cultures over the years. The Mayans, for instance, built temples in alignment with the position of the sun during the Solstice. Tracking the transitions of the sun through the sky is a special way to acknowledge change and to set personal wishes, intentions or goals. With shorter days, plant life also slows down – while the outdoor landscape may take a turn for the muted and the daylight hours get shorter and shorter, the fresh floral masterpieces we provide at Allen’s Flower Market will continue to promise vibrant, exquisite blooms.

At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer a number of characteristically Autumnal bouquets and arrangements to add color and festive allure to your décor. Sunburst Finish pairs a rare palette of orange and yellow roses, nestled richly in an elegant glass vase. Or hold on to the breath of summer with Something’s Wild, an explosive assortment of tropical blooms mixed with open-faced orange Gerbera Daisies and calming purple orchids.

As a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years, the team at Allen’s Flower Market appreciates holidays that celebrate our community’s diverse cultures and bring people together. We are proud to offer you the finest, freshest floral designs available – have a look at our broad variety of Fall floral innovations at

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