How To Make Your Flowers Last

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Tuesday, 19 November 2019 Back

How To Make Your Flowers Last

How To Make Your Flowers Last


These Surprising Tips will Keep Your Bouquets Looking Fresher, Longer

At Allen’s Flower Market, we take pride in sourcing the freshest flowers from nurseries that allow us to offer an exclusive variety of cut stems and plants. We love finding new ways to keep flowers fresh, lively and upright with broad, healthy petals and energy. This thorough list has us inspired to keep on keeping on with some of our favorite methods – plus a few new ideas to play with.

First and foremost, flowers need a fresh and ample source of water. It is advisable to change a bouquet’s water every day to keep the stems’ environment as risk-free as possible. Premature wilting and droopiness occur when flowers’ stems are exposed to air for too long, or when the water they’re in is stagnant or bacteria-prone. Bacteria in flower water are pesky to deal with and inevitable – but are fairly easy to eliminate. A simple fix is to add a dash of bleach to your flower water, but if you’d rather avoid the bleachy smell, say, at the dinner table, a dash of vodka works just as well. Even dropping in a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar helps alleviate persistent bacterial growth. Perhaps the most surprising anti-bacterial additive you might have lying around are coins. A wishful penny or two helps to acidify the water, making it less bacteria prone.

A crucial complement to any of these flower remedies is sugar. Sugar, boiled and dissolved in advance in water, is a plant nourisher that keeps them alive and refreshed for significantly longer time periods. If melting sugar is not something that fits on your to-d0 list, a tablespoon of sugary soda like Sprite can do the trick just as well.

Whichever DIY-plant saver you opt for, be sure to couple a nourishing sugar source with an acidifying anti-bacterial, and you and your plants will be in it for the long game.

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