Lilies – Enchantment in a Flower

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Lilies – Enchantment in a Flower

Lilies – Enchantment in a Flower


An Ode To Lilies, One Of Our Most Versatile Flowers

Nothing makes a statement like a big, blooming lily. Lilies are a testament to nature’s artistry, a symbol of purity, and an embodiment of elegance that adds presence and fragrance to any bouquet. These enchanting flowers are charismatic and have the power to capture our imaginations. Let’s delve into the world of lilies, exploring their lesser-known facts and the perfect occasions to feature them in gifts and centerpieces.

The Fascinating World of Lilies

Lilies have deep-rooted symbolism across cultures. In ancient Greece, they were associated with goddesses and symbolized motherhood and rebirth. In Christianity, lilies represent purity and the Virgin Mary, and they are the signature flower of the Easter season. Additionally, lilies convey prosperity, renewal, and devotion in various traditions. Lilies belong to the Lilium genus, boasting over 100 species. From the iconic White Lily to the vibrant Asiatic Lily hybrids and fragrant Oriental Lilies, each variety dazzles with unique colors, gradients, shapes, and scents.

 On top of their rich cultural symbolism, lilies have practical uses. Some species have medicinal properties, while others are used in perfumery for their aromatic essences. Plus, lilies are a beloved addition to floral gardens because they are both beautiful and easy to grow. With proper care, they thrive in gardens, adding vertical height and a touch of opulence to landscapes.

When to Give Lilies

Lilies are a fabulous gift for anyone celebrating milestones and achievements. Their regal appearance makes them perfect for graduations, work promotions, and birthdays. Lilies are also a potent romantic flower and are a fantastic choice for weddings, anniversaries, and romantic gestures. They convey deep emotions and heartfelt sentiments. In times of loss, lilies offer solace and sympathy. Their serene beauty and association with purity make them a comforting choice for expressing condolences and honoring the departed.

Because of their versatility and bright, happy effect, keep in mind that lilies aren’t just for special occasions. Their enduring charm brightens everyday moments, from decorating homes to surprising your loved ones with a thoughtful bouquet.

Discovering Lilies at Allen’s Flower Market

At Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach and Los Angeles, we offer an exciting array of lily bouquets, showcasing the finest blooms in captivating arrangements. Stargazing, for instance, features pink-speckled Stargazer Lilies, renowned for their dramatic appearance and intoxicating fragrance. This bouquet combines Stargazer Lilies with lush greens, hot pink roses, and gerbera daisies, creating a striking ensemble perfect for birthdays or expressions of admiration.

Vibrant Asiatic Lilies in a sunshiny yellow dazzle in our Spring Delight arrangement. With their bold hues and enduring charm, Asiatic Lilies are a delightful choice for brightening someone’s day or adding a pop of color to any space.

Our Peaceful White Lily basket expresses condolences with grace, conveying purity, an air of calm, and sympathy. It’s a heartfelt tribute honoring a loved one’s memory and offering comfort during difficult times.

Consider a calla lily bouquet for a versatile option suitable for various occasions. An arrangement like Purple Pizzazz embodies diversity and elegance, making it a thoughtful gift for celebrations or gestures of appreciation.

Tips for Caring for Lilies

To ensure your lilies remain fresh and vibrant, follow these care tips:

  1. Trim Stems: When you receive your lilies and are about to place them in a vase, trim the stems at an angle so that they sit flat on the bottom of the vase. This placement promotes healthy water absorption.
  2. Water Regularly: Place lilies in a clean vase filled with water and change the water every few days to prevent bacterial growth.
  3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep lilies away from direct sunlight and drafts to prolong their vase life.
  4. Remove Pollen: Remove pollen from lily stamens to preserve the flowers’ appearance. Take care not to get pollen on your face or clothing as it can stain.

Lilies embody grace, beauty, and meaning. Whether adorning your home, marking celebrations, or offering solace, lilies enchant with their elegance and timeless allure. The floral artisans at Allen’s Flower Market create exquisite lily bouquets, each a masterpiece celebrating nature’s artistry and the joy of gifting. Embrace the enchantment of lilies and let their beauty brighten your world. Shop lilies.