Show Yourself the Meaning of Self-Care

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Show Yourself the Meaning of Self-Care

Show Yourself the Meaning of Self-Care


Sunday is Self-Care Day – Treat Yourself and Indulge

What does self-care mean to you? Whether or not you have personal wellness rituals, self-care has become so influential in today’s culture that July 24th was officially named International Self-Care Day. What better reason than a self-care day to celebrate yourself and enjoy a well-deserved day of relaxation and life-affirming indulgences. 


If you aren’t already carving out time for self-care, it can feel daunting or challenging to get started. Here are some ways to show yourself some gratitude and love this weekend and always.


Tips & Tricks for Self Care 

  • Spend time in nature. Perhaps there’s a hike you’ve wanted to try, a beach you miss visiting, or a neighborhood you love walking through. Take the time to visit an inspiring place and soak up some sunshine and fresh air. Being outdoors stimulates creativity and is proven to lift your mood. Plus, the more you move around, the healthier your body will feel.
  • Get some high-quality exercise. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or unable to make time for exercise, take advantage of self-care day to move around. Get active in a way that feels natural and enjoyable for your body. Dance to your favorite album, dust off your old bike for a spin around the park, swim at your favorite pool or lake, try a yoga class, or set out on a pleasant walk. The important thing is to make it feel good and focus on physical enjoyment, both during your workout and after. Exercise floods your brain with endorphins and helps re-set your nervous system by directing your focus away from stress and the tedious details of everyday life.
  • Find a snuggle buddy. When was the last time you hugged a friend or family member or cuddled with somebody dear to you? Physical contact is therapeutic, and the benefits are reciprocal! Get cozy, and make your self-care a gift to someone you love.
  • Try mindful breathing. Maybe you like to meditate; maybe you don’t. In any case, everybody breathes, and centering your attention on your breath can be a powerful way to recharge. Not only does deep breathing lower your heart rate and blood pressure, but it also changes your energy level and can help balance your mind. Plus, you don’t need to buy anything or go anywhere – just close your eyes and inhale.
  • Cook up a nourishing meal. Why not fill your plate with colorful fruits and veggies? Experiment with a spice you don’t use every day or a new type of grain. Healthy foods are beautiful, appetizing, and make you feel more alive. 
  • Unleash your inner artist. Tap into your feelings and love of beauty by painting, drawing, making things with clay, or crafting. You can use your creativity to redecorate and freshen up your space or take your notebook and colored pencils outdoors for a bit of outdoor sketching. Want to make a party out of it? Invite a few friends, pour some wine, and be creative together! Don’t stress if the outcome isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have to be about the finished piece; just let yourself enjoy the process.
  • Take a vacation from social apps. Use self-care as an excuse to take a break for a day – or more – from social media and excess time online. It is no secret that scrolling Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook can cause FOMO on a good day and sadness or low self-esteem on a worse day. Try taking social media apps off your phone for a while and see what happens to your mood.
  • Give yourself permission to rest. Self-care does not need to be fancy! Taking a nap is a great way to recharge, rest your body, and calm your nervous system in the middle of your daily activities. 

Ultimately, self-care is all about pausing and being a good friend to yourself. Show yourself the same love and gratitude you might show to someone you really love and admire, and honor all of your hard work and effort by gifting yourself a lush bouquet this self-care day. Just as a trip outdoors is proven to ease stress, keeping flowers indoors is known to brighten your mood, promote creativity and boost energy. You show love to others in your life with gifts – self-care day is a reason to flip the script and do something special for yourself.


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