Spring Equinox is Right Around the Corner!

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Tuesday, 14 March 2023 Back

Spring Equinox is Right Around the Corner!

Spring Equinox is Right Around the Corner!


Spring Is Our Favorite Season!

Next Monday, March 20, marks the official first day of spring in 2023. Join us in soaking up some sun, shaking off the winter, and leaning into the feeling that we are well on our way to longer, warmer, more luxurious days.

Spring Celebrations Connect Us To Nature and The Outdoors

If the beginning of spring stands out as a celebratory moment for you, you are not alone. The spring equinox has been a pivotal moment in the world’s cultures over the years. In ancient Indian and near eastern calendars, spring marked the start of a new year. That feeling of freshness and renewal that comes with spring cleaning, more time outdoors, and shaking winter out of our systems is something that people have been feeling for centuries. Keep that in mind as you stash your warm socks and dust off your favorite sandals!

What is the spring equinox, you ask? The equinox is an astronomical phenomenon. On roughly March 20 each year, there is an almost perfectly equal balance of sunlight and darkness because the sun crosses the celestial equator. After the spring equinox, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere experience a tilt on the earth’s axis toward the sun – which grants us the gift of longer, sunnier days. 

The beginning of spring is notable on many levels, starting with daylight savings. On a deeper level, the spring sun’s movement affects birds’ migratory patterns and other wildlife movements. And, in our lives, the beginning of spring is a fabulous moment of renewal and rebirth. Are you looking to do something special to mark the arrival of spring? We share some of our ideas below.

Three Easy Ways to Welcome Spring

  1. Spend time al fresco. You hardly need to hear it from us – but the best way to celebrate spring is to get outdoors. Walk around, get some fresh air, and notice all the exciting changes happening in nature. If you hike through grassy areas, you’re bound to stumble upon a treasure trove of wildflowers.
  2. Plant a flower. When did you last tap into your green thumb? Spring is the ideal growing season for most plants – and is the best time to plant seedlings for summer veggies. Whether you’ve been thinking about starting an herb garden, cultivating some flowering plants inside or outside your home, or keeping it simple with a lovely, long-lasting succulent garden – spring is the right time to get in touch with your inner gardener. Plus, planting and caring for plants is a proven way to boost your mood.
  3. Cook a colorful meal. Have you seen an uptick in fresh produce and colorful foods at your local market or grocery store? It’s time for a feast! Spring can be an ideal time to cook for family and friends and to throw in as many seasonal foods as you can get your hands on. Make it a proper occasion by adding a bright floral centerpiece to your table. Or consider turning it into a picnic and enjoying both the season’s best food and the warmer weather at the same time.

The Best Flowers for Spring Equinox

Flowers and other plants respond to spring’s warmer temperatures and longer days by popping up anywhere that provides the right conditions. This means more flowers are in season than usual, giving your more opportunities to include bright, festive blooms in your home and celebrations. At Allen’s Flower Market, we are excited about the many cultural occasions that accompany the turn of the seasons and the arrival of spring – Mother’s Day, Passover, Easter, and the beginning of summer vacations are all within sight. A time of abundance, spring is associated with awakenings and fresh starts. Spring equinox is also referred to as the “Vernal” Equinox – meaning new, green, and fresh. What better time to bring some energizing flowers into your life?

Invite the blossoming outdoors into your home this spring with a fragrant floral bouquet. At Allen’s Flower Market, we love seeing the fresh sunflowers, tulips, and hydrangeas perk up during this exciting season. If bold colors light you up, we suggest the ecstatic combination of pink, orange, green, indigo, and yellow tones in our Spring Extravaganza arrangement, where stunning roses pop out among tulips, hydrangeas, and more. Or, for a feminine bouquet that promises romantic whimsy with expansive stargazer lilies softly nestled among perfect pink roses, check out Scent of Spring. Nothing says ‘springtime in Los Angeles’ like our Pastel California Centerpiece, in which we pair yellow calla lilies with freesia, kale, and baby pink roses. Looking for more inspiration? We have an entire Spring floral menu highlighting the season’s bursting colors and dramatic combinations of flowers.

We’re proud to deliver fresh flowers locally across Southern California and nationwide. As always, Allen’s Flower Market offers same-day delivery for all of your floral needs. Order online from us and enjoy same-day floral delivery in Los Angeles and Long Beach.