Spring Events Deserve Luxurious Flowers

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Tuesday, 09 May 2023 Back

Spring Events Deserve Luxurious Flowers

Spring Events Deserve Luxurious Flowers


Let’s Get This Springtime Party Started!

Spring has sprung, and with it, people are ready to get their parties started! Spring events call for full, luxurious floral displays of beautiful pastel petals. Here are some unmissable opportunities to add floral touches to the gifts you give, the dinners you host, the picnics you set up, weddings, and work-related events.  

Flowers for May Birthdays

May’s flower of the month is the lily. This bright, expressive flower is the perfect statement gift for all the May birthdays in your life. When you send flowers to your loved ones this month, we recommend choosing lily-forward bouquets such as our Anticipation arrangement, where pink Stargazer Lilies are snug among yellow roses, hydrangea, and willow. Our Happy Birthday Basket is an ecstatic celebration of spring warmth, with bright orange Asiatic lilies amid carnations in a white wicker basket topped with a mylar balloon. 

Bring Your Next Work Event to Life with Flowers

Make your next corporate event a celebration of spring by selecting stunning floral centerpieces and accents. We love the color play in our Balls of Fire arrangement, where scabiosa pods sit playfully among blue hydrangeas, white orchids, green ball dianthus, and foliage. Our Tropic Thunder arrangement is a more playful take on the classic centerpiece, where orchids, lilies, roses, and willow are arranged to show off a spectrum of warm hues. If your event needs a more professional tone, consider our The Wild bouquet, which features whispering proteas among rustic succulents and loads of textured foliage.

Spring Weddings Call for Abundance

Are you gearing up for a Spring wedding? If so, Allen’s Flower Market proudly offers you every flower you need for your big day. Work with us to find each item on your floral checklist. Roses of all colors, calla lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, and other favorites of ours thrive during the springtime. Orchids, peonies, and snapdragons also favor the Spring climate. There are so many flowers in season during the Spring months, we cannot wait to help you locate the perfect color scheme and decorative motifs to make your special day feel as lush as a petal forest. 

First up is the ever-important bridal bouquet. At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer a variety of bridal bouquets that show our reverence for the classics and our love of the contemporary. On the classic end of the spectrum, the delicate Cascading White Roses bouquet is a timeless, dancerly choice with an ethereal quality. For brides who want a romantic pop of pink in their hands when traveling down the aisle, Only Roses offer warm pastels in soft pink and sunset tones that will complement the blush on the bride’s cheeks. For orchid lovers, Fancy Phalaenopsis is a draping bouquet made of elegant white orchids that cascade before their bearer like a veil, complementing a long gown with grace. 

Beyond what the bride carries down the aisle, we can provide a variety of ceremony flowers to build a magical sphere of petals around you and your partner as you commit your lives to one another. For a spectacular arrangement that sits atop an altar or table, consider Lillywhite Lilith. This brilliant, curly arrangement feels like it belongs in a sacred space. If you’re interested in building a structure purely out of flowers, our Wedding Arch is for you, complete with dramatic, tall vases and a carpet of petals for you to stand on as you read your vows. 

Allen’s Flower Market has provided floral designs for weddings of all sizes for over 40 years. We offer a complete selection of fresh-cut flowers, and we take pride in arranging them to heighten your experience of the lush Spring season. We are proud to deliver fresh flowers locally across Southern California and nationwide. As always, Allen’s Flower Market offers same-day delivery for all your floral orders. We are happy to personalize your arrangement or discuss custom service to design the special event you’ve always dreamed of.