The Flowers That Double As Healing Remedies

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The Flowers That Double As Healing Remedies

The Flowers That Double As Healing Remedies


Did you know that some of your favorite plants have healing powers? 

Flowers are our favorite way to express joy and love. Flowers’ emotional and visual power impacts anyone who receives them – flowers inspire, uplift, and boost our energy. In addition to filling us with happiness, many flowers lead a secret, double life as healing agents with therapeutic properties that have been cherished in folk remedies for centuries. In some cases, the medical establishment accepts flowers’ healing powers and are as mainstream as any over-the-counter medication. While Allen’s Flower Market does not specialize in edible or medicinal flowers, we love to marvel at the fantastic things flowers are capable of. Here are some of our favorites:



This tender, highly aromatic bloom is beloved for its delicate texture and evocative fragrance. Lavender is a popular flower in bouquets, and it also dries beautifully for use in sachets or potpourri. When the petals’ oils are extracted, lavender produces a powerful essential oil that is commonly used in scented products and cosmetics. Lavender has been beloved for generations for its stress-boosting fragrance. Some European cultures serve culinary lavender in teas to help heal a fever or insomnia. Its oils also have antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent addition to skin tonics or salves. The team at Allen’s Flower Market loves to include sprigs of gorgeous lavender in many of our celebratory bouquets, such as Belmont Shore Summer, where these purple stalks dance among dahlias, yellow roses, fern tendrils, orchids, and more.



Can a flower get any lusher and more feminine than a perfect pink peony? These beauties are revered in Chinese culture, where they carry rich symbolism of love, beauty, and prosperity. Their gentle fragrance is used in aromatherapy to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. Experts who work with edible peonies distill their roots into tonics and tinctures that carry many benefits, from easing arthritis to soothing migraines. Our evocative Whisper bouquet nestles lovely peonies among soft, white lilies and pale purple roses.



Eucalyptus is a powerhouse of benefits. You may recognize the strong, clarifying aroma of eucalyptus in topical cough suppressants – this plant does wonders for the respiratory system and can help clear congestion simply by inhaling its pleasant smell. Eucalyptus also deters mosquitos and other biting insects. As an oil, eucalyptus has topical benefits for healing sores and minor skin issues. Eucalyptus is a lovely addition to any bouquet, such as Allen’s Flowerland. Hang it upside down once the bouquet is wilted, and it will dry beautifully and will continue to emit its healing aroma whenever you apply moisture to the leaves.



Sleepytime tea, anyone? Chamomile is both a delicate, lovely bloom and an oft-used remedy for sleeplessness or digestive upset. Chamomile has a softening effect and is used to reduce inflammation, fever, and diabetes. We include sprigs of this pale flower in our Rancho Park Summer arrangement, where chamomile heightens the effect of garden roses, frilly lux tulips, pastel-colored dahlias, and more. 



 Not only are roses gorgeous on the outside – they contain healing properties, as well. Edible rose petals are rich in antioxidants and aid in circulation and immunity. As an aromatic healer, rose petals are known to erase sadness. The gift of a rose-filled bouquet acts as an immediate mood booster. Check out our full menu of arrangements featuring roses of all colors.


The magical world of plants and flowers has so much to teach us. Next time you select a bouquet to give your sweetheart, surprise her with special knowledge about how the plants she’s sniffing have healing powers. Shop our full menu of floral delights online: