Thursday, We Ease into Fall. Make it special with flowers!

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Wednesday, 21 September 2022 Back

Thursday, We Ease into Fall. Make it special with flowers!

Thursday, We Ease into Fall. Make it special with flowers!


Make Flowers Central to your Fall Décor  

This week, we bid a bittersweet farewell to summer and welcome in glorious, cozy Fall. We know – summer is a tough one to leave behind. Kicking off Fall comes with all sorts of warming delights. Nothing marks the seasons changing like leafy trees popping in yellow and red. The air feels smooth and fresh, your yearning for a pumpkin spice latte is in full force, and you find yourself craving soup. While you’re cozying up in sweaters, here are some unique ways to make a special moment of the Fall equinox.

Our Favorite Ways To Observe The First Day of Fall

  • Get Solar. Cultures around the world share in the start of autumn. The Fall Equinox has been a celebration across international cultures for generations. Many ancient cultures, from the Mayans in Chichen Itza to the Druids at Stonehenge, built famous temples that align perfectly with the sun's position during the solstice. Whether or not you have a sun-aligning monument near you, making a sundial or simply observing the sunset on the Equinox is a great way to get in touch with nature.
  • Harvest Something Delicious. There’s no better time than the fall equinox to make a mess of food. Sure, Thanksgiving is still a couple of months away – but in Native American cultures, the big harvest happens right now, in honor of the beginning of the darker, cooler months and as a way of extending all the food that grows during the sunny months. If you want to get culturally specific, try some blue corn pancakes, a feast that Hopi and Navajo tribes traditionally enjoy on the solstice. Or, take a massive haul of stone fruits and tomatoes, and preserve or can them so that you can enjoy their flavors in the cooler seasons.
  • Reflect On Those Who Came Before. Japanese culture treats the Fall Equinox as a special moment to acknowledge their ancestors and visit or decorate the graves of family members who have passed away. Consider our brilliant Dawn bouquet, filled with lush Fall-colored foliage, to honor deceased loved ones.
  • Snack on Mooncake. In Chinese culture, the harvest moon has long been a sign of good luck and a promise of fertility. Autumn festivities remain central to Chinese culture – with delicious Mooncakes as a centerpiece.

Tracking the transitions of the sun through the sky is a unique way to acknowledge change and set personal wishes, intentions, or goals. With shorter days, plant life also slows down. While the outdoor landscape may take a turn for the muted and the daylight hours get shorter and shorter, the fresh floral masterpieces we provide at Allen’s Flower Market will continue to promise vibrant, exquisite blooms.

The Best Fall Flowers

At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer several characteristically Autumnal bouquets and arrangements to add color and festive allure to your décor. Autumn Fields, for instance, has a pink and red hue that retains the warmth of summer with some cozy Fall embellishment. Another lovely transitional bouquet that looks like Fall is our Tuscan Sun arrangement, where sunflowers and yellow mums are nestled together with orange accents. So many of the traditions that characterize the Fall Solstice have to do with the contrast between light and dark and the passage into a new phase. With that in mind, our Autumn Settings makes a dramatic statement, pairing cool, earthy tones with sunny orange and yellow accents.

Allen’s Flower Market has been a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years. We love to honor culture and celebrations and find reasons to freshen your world with flowers. Visit any of our locations in Long Beach, Sunland, Reseda, and Los Angeles to check out our floral masterpieces in person.