Tomorrow, We Honor Mexico’s Independence Day

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Thursday, 15 September 2022 Back

Tomorrow, We Honor Mexico’s Independence Day

Tomorrow, We Honor Mexico’s Independence Day


¡Viva Mexico! Show Some Fuerza This Mexican Independence Day

We know what you’re thinking - Cinco de Mayo was months ago! We can’t complain about an excuse to celebrate Mexican culture on the fifth of May, but let’s get the record straight: tomorrow is Mexico’s actual Independence Day. That’s right – on September 16, 1810, Mexico began fighting for its freedom from Spanish colonizers.

This day is different from our Independence Day because September 16 commemorates the beginning of Mexico’s fight for freedom – which continued into a near-decade-long war. This is all the more reason to raise a toast to Mexico’s extraordinary culture of resilience, hard work, and pride through action. Are you looking for ways to get festive this Mexican Independence Day? Here are some ideas.

Make Mexican Independence Day a Holiday to Remember

  1. Enjoy Some Mexican Cuisine. Pull up a chair at your favorite Mexican restaurant, and try ordering something traditional, such as a plate of chiles en nogada, or chiles stuffed with meat and veggies. Pozole, a stew made from pork and corn, is another very fitting Independence Day treat. Cooking, eating, and sharing meals with family and friends is a huge part of what makes Mexican culture so beloved. By enjoying a traditional Mexican meal, you can actively participate in its culture and keep the spirit alive.
  2. Host a Gathering. Would you rather dine in and celebrate at home? Gather your loved ones and paint the evening Mexican with tasty dishes and upbeat music. If you’re unsure what to cook in honor of this special day, try cooking up some Menudo. Menudo is a big, chunky stew made from beef, corn, tripe, spices, and cilantro – and is revered as a traditional hangover cure in Mexican culture. Whether or not your party will flow in cervezas, mescal, and tequila, having a bowl of Menudo ready to go will make you feel deeply satisfied.
  3. Listen to the Grito de Dolores. The Mexican President traditionally reads from Hidalgo’s speech to recall the origin of the battle for independence, adding a modern, relevant spin every year.
  4. Head down to Santa Ana. If you’re looking for a full-fledged parade and street party, the Santaneros (residents of Santa Ana) have you covered! 
  5. Honor your Mexican friends. If nothing else, choose tomorrow to say an extra hello to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues of Mexican descent, and wish them a happy Independence Day.

The Best Flowers for Mexican Independence Day

Whether you’re planning on decorating your home or giving the gift of flowers to a Mexican person in your life, – there are all sorts of colorful assortments, traditional flowers, and exotic foliage to bring sensational south-of-the-border energy into your home. The team at Allen’s Flower Market delights in celebrating culture and the vibrant wealth of color, tradition, and creativity that we share with our Mexican neighbors. Channel the scenery in tropical Mexico with Jungle Love, an ecstatic arrangement with exotic heliconia, birds of paradise, and a base of Curley Willow. Or, hearken to the dry northern Mexican desert region where the Grito de Dolores was initially heard by getting as close as possible to the land of the Saguaro Cactus and its succulent cousins. Succulent Splendor is a particularly good choice, as its kalanchoe blooms red, evoking the Mexican flag. A lush, multifaceted arrangement such as Branching Out is a great option that nods to Fall color while integrating fresh fruit and a bright palette. Or, if you’re eager to get your Red, White, and Green on, fill your home with the adornment of the Mexican flag. Let us know how we can support your creative vision - custom arrangements are our specialty! 

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