Welcome Summer with Tropical Flowers

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Welcome Summer with Tropical Flowers

Welcome Summer with Tropical Flowers


Celebrate Every Summer Occasion with Vibrant Blooms

Summer begins today! Open your eyes and watch as the world bursts into color with bright, sunny days and lush, green landscapes. There’s no better way to welcome this vibrant season than with tropical flowers that embody the spirit of summer. These stunning blooms are perfect for a wide range of summer events and occasions, adding a touch of exotic beauty and a burst of color to every celebration. There are so many fun summer events that call for tropical flowers – and we have selected some of the best blooms to choose from for each occasion.

Spruce Up Your Beach Parties

Nothing says summer quite like a beach party or luau. Tropical flowers perfectly complement these fun, festive gatherings. Add to the festive atmosphere by hanging out traditional Hawaiian leis made from plumeria, carnations, or orchids, such as our stunning Bombay Lei. Many tropical flowers make beautiful hair accessories you’re your party has a dinner setting, why not enhance your tables with floral arrangements? We love bold, maximalist summer centerpieces like our Trade Winds, featuring orchids, birds of paradise, and tropical foliage like palm fronds.

Go All Out for Summer Birthdays

Summer is a delightful time to get festive as you celebrate your friends and family with birthdays. Make each celebration extra memorable with vibrant tropical flower arrangements that reflect the joy and energy of the season. You can be the gift-giver that brightens someone’s special day with a bouquet featuring a mix of tropical blooms such as heliconia and protea – our Sunset Cruise is a great pick. Throwing a birthday party? Use large, dramatic flowers like birds of paradise and anthuriums to create striking table centerpieces and decorative arrangements.

Make a Splash at Corporate Events and Summer Galas

Summer corporate events and galas call for elegant, impressive floral arrangements that set a sophisticated tone. Welcome guests with grand floral displays, such as our showstopping Cymbidium Grotto, at the entrance. Tall arrangements can make a dramatic statement. We believe that the most elegant table centerpieces use a mix of tropical flowers and greenery. Proteas and orchids paired with lush foliage can elevate any event – check out our Caribbean Caress for inspiration.

Infuse Color and Imagination in Garden Parties and BBQs

Summer garden parties and BBQs are casual yet festive occasions that can be enhanced with the right floral décor. Some delicately incorporated tropical flowers like tiger lilies in small vases to add a pop of color to picnic tables and buffet spreads. Outdoor spaces are the perfect place to adorn with hanging baskets filled with tropical flowers, such as our Tropical Splendor.

Bring Flowers to Your Family Reunion

Summer is the season for family reunions – what better time to come together and create lasting memories? Tropical flowers can help set a joyful and welcoming atmosphere. Consider greeting family members with beautiful bouquets of tropical flowers like orchids at the entrance. 

Embrace Tropical Wedding Flowers 

Summer is peak season for weddings, and tropical flowers are ideal for adding a splash of color and a touch of paradise to wedding décor. Tropical flowers make for gorgeous bridal bouquets - orchids, anthuriums, and birds of paradise look beautiful and also hold up well in the heat. We love the playful use of orchids, monkey tails, and lotus pods in this Majestic Bridal Bouquet, for example. Tropicals make stunning reception flowers – their shapely petals and dramatic silhouettes are the ideal décor for a joyful, maximalist wedding. Our Orchid Circle arrangement, for instance, is an exotic, sculptural expression of joy and romance.

Are you planning a summer wedding? Allen’s Flower Market is proud to offer you every flower you need for your big day. Work with us to check each item on your floral checklist, from your bridal bouquet to boutonniere, flowers for your ceremony, reception, and members of your bridal party. Proteas, anthuriums, freesia, and palm foliage are the best staples if you’re looking to insert a hint of jungle fever into your special day. 

Tropical flowers are the perfect way to welcome summer and enhance any celebration.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, beach party, birthday, or family reunion, these vibrant blooms bring a touch of paradise to every event. With their stunning colors and unique shapes, tropical flowers can transform ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories. At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer a complete selection of fresh-cut flowers, and we take pride in arranging them to heighten your experience of the joyful summer months. As always, Allen’s Flower Market offers same-day delivery for all your floral orders. Shop tropical flowers.