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Soaring Stargazers

This stunning flower arrangement features an abundance of breathtaking Stargazer lilies and elegant Bells of Ireland, beautifully arranged in a tall glass cylinder vase. The bright pink and white hues of the lilies complement the deep green of the Bells of Ireland, creating a striking contrast that will catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.


Bells of Ireland: Bells of Ireland, or moltkea multiflora, are flowers that are often used in flower bouquets and arrangements. They're also known as shamrocks, and they grow wild in Europe and North America. Bells of Ireland differ from other flowers in their long stems—they can be up to 7 feet tall! The leaves are also unique in that they are "compound," meaning that each leaf is made of smaller parts called leaflets. The flowers themselves are small, with white petals and a yellow center. They're often used in bouquets along with other spring flowers like tulips and daffodils because their colors complement each other well.

The name "Bells of Ireland" comes from the bell-shaped flowers of this plant. The bells are actually made up of many small petals that form a cup shape, and their color ranges from deep green to dark purple. The difference between Bells of Ireland and other flowers is that these flowers are more cold tolerant, so they can be grown in areas with cooler temperatures. They tend to grow best in zones 4 through 8, which means they can be grown in most parts of the United States.

Stargazer Lilies: Stargazer lilies are a beautiful addition to any bouquet. They're tall and elegant, with a stiff stem that holds up the flower's blooms, which are large and white. The blooms have a unique shape that resembles the petals of a starfish. Stargazer lilies can be used in many different ways. You can use just one or two stargazers in your bouquet, or you can use them as the focal point of your arrangement. You can also mix them with other flowers to make an elegant statement that will last for weeks.

Stargazer lilies are a beautiful, fragrant flower that's been known for its use in bouquets since the 1800s. They're commonly used to add an exotic touch to flower arrangements and centerpieces, but they can also be used as a standalone flower.

Stargazer lilies' unique blooms make them stand out from other flowers. The blooms are star-shaped with six petals that curve outwards in a shape that resembles a starburst. The flowers are also multicolored, ranging from bright yellow to pale pink or purple. The stargazer lily plant produces long stems with many blossoms on each stem. Each flower has a strong fragrance that smells like vanilla or coconut, which makes them perfect for wedding ceremony bouquets!

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