June is a Time for Dads and Grads

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June is a Time for Dads and Grads

June is a Time for Dads and Grads


Get Ready to Celebrate Dads + Grads!

The days are warm and sunny, school is coming to a close, and fathers everywhere look for any excuse to barbecue. June is the time to celebrate the Dads & Grads in your life.

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Did you know that there are over 70 million fathers in the United States? Of those, nearly 30 million are raising kids under 18. That means that this June 20, an enormous number of households will be honoring the love, care, and guidance that only a Dad can provide.

Are you scratching your head trying to dream up the perfect gift for the dad who seems to have it all? Here are some fresh gift ideas that are bound to lift his spirits this Father’s Day.

  • Take him out on a surprise adventure. Spirited dads love to walk on the wild side. Whether it’s a hike down an uncharted path, a surfing lesson, or simply an opportunity to explore a new part of town together, you’re bound to make his day by planning an excursion.
  • Find him the perfect accessory. Whose Dad doesn’t revel in his technology and gadgets? Does he have a smartwatch, set of headphones, or basic computer? If so, you’re bound to find the perfect adaptor, ergonomic stand, or wristband to make his favorite bits and bobbles even more functional.
  • Make a special playlist. Whether you’re BBQing it up on Father’s Day, or you’re forced to celebrate apart due to distance or COVID precautions, making a cheerful Father’s Day playlist is a lovely gesture and a great way to infuse your personality into any party ambiance. Just don’t be surprised when he’s still listening to it three, four, or five Father’s Days from now. 
  • Subscribe him to something amazing. Step aside, Jelly of the Month. These days, you can subscribe Dad to a whole range of essentials or luxuries. Consider a men’s magazine that he can read monthly, an unpredictable new hot sauce, a regular shipment of craft beer, or even a fancy steak - all of these can be sent via subscription.
  • Refresh his wardrobe. Too often, Dad will bust out the same tee shirt or baseball cap he’s been rocking since you were a wee thing. This year, throw him a bone in the style department by updating his basics!
  • Make it festive with flowers. Sure, a sumptuous bouquet may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about celebrating Father’s Day. But with soft accent blooms, you can make the day feel special and unlike any other. We love the idea of an understated vase of orchids decorating a Father’s Day Brunch or a vibrant, summery floral assortment to accent your BBQ. Throw one of our specialty Hawaiian Leis around Dad’s neck this Father’s Day and watch him transform into the man of the hour!

Once you’ve got Dad’s gift idea sorted, show your support for the end of the school year by celebrating the Grads in your life. Like the end of any cycle, graduation is a major life event for young people and blossoming professionals. This year, grads of all ages are trying to keep the energy high while celebrating their graduation on Zoom. While you may not be able to replicate the exuberance of crossing the stage and throwing their caps in the air, you can certainly contribute a beautiful lei. The soft petals of our Bombay Lei, fragrant with orchids’ signature clean aroma, are sure to add a quality of grace and dignity to any grad’s day. Allen’s Flower Market also carries an elegant White Dendro Lei with star-shaped orchid blooms and a bold Red Carnation Lei.

Once the leis come off after graduation ceremonies, keep the grads in your life motivated and show your continued love with a long-lasting arrangement of summery flowers. Our exciting Jungle Love Bouquet is perfect for a high-achieving grad. The voluminous, playful Bounty of Beauty bouquet, on the other hand, says “I love you” with feminine, cheery undertones.

June is a big month, with graduates closing a significant life chapter at high schools & colleges around the country, as well as Dad’s favorite day of the year. For all the Dads & grads in your life, Allen’s Flower Market has you covered. Explore our impressive variety of flowers and arrangements online