Treat Yourself! It’s International Self-Care Day

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Wednesday, 24 July 2019 Back

Treat Yourself! It’s International Self-Care Day

Treat Yourself! It’s International Self-Care Day


Self Care is Not Selfish!

Welcome to peak Summer. There’s never been a better moment to slow down, breathe deeply and rest your body and mind. That’s right – thanks to the International Self Care Foundation, today is Self Care Day!

What does it look like to take care of yourself? A short, simple meditation might be on the menu – or perhaps some physical activity followed by a healthy smoothie. Taking a seat on a porch with your favorite summer book, hand-squeezing some lemons for a refreshing beverage, booking yourself a spa treatment, writing in a diary – all of these are essential self-care techniques.

In essence, what is something you might normally do for others that, on this special day, you can do for yourself? Pamper yourself and bring your senses to life by sending yourself a delicate floral ensemble.

We recommend a soft, calming bouquet to change up your familiar scenery, where you can rest your eyes as you sink into a well-deserved meditation or rest. Have a look at our variety of fresh summer arrangements.

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