How To Embrace Chinese New Year

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How To Embrace Chinese New Year

How To Embrace Chinese New Year


Fun Ideas to Bring In the Year of the Dragon!

As the vibrant and spirited Chinese New Year approaches, it’s time to embrace the energy of the Year of the Dragon and celebrate in style. Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is a time for family reunions, feasting, and cultural festivities. Here are some fun and creative ways to make the most of this auspicious occasion.

Decorate Your Home: Start by transforming your home into a sea of red and gold, the traditional colors associated with good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. Hang red lanterns and banners with Chinese characters symbolizing luck and happiness, and scatter gold coins or ornaments around your living space. This simple yet effective décor will create a festive atmosphere and set the tone for the celebrations. Amp up the color with red tulips, roses, or daisies from Allen’s Flower Market. 

Make Tasty Dumplings: Gather your friends and family for a hands-on, delicious experience by hosting a dumpling-making party. Dumplings are a symbolic food during Chinese New Year, representing wealth and prosperity. Set up a dumpling-making station with various fillings, wrappers, and dipping sauces. The joy of making and sharing dumplings together will enhance the festive spirit.

Explore Chinese Cuisine: Take your taste buds on a journey by exploring the rich and diverse flavors of Chinese cuisine. Whether you order from your favorite local Chinese restaurant or decide to cook a feast at home, make sure to include traditional dishes associated with the New Year. Some popular choices include longevity noodles, spring rolls, whole fish for abundance, and sweet rice dumplings for a sweet start to the year.

Learn a Traditional Chinese Craft: Embrace the artistic side of Chinese culture by learning a traditional art or craft. Whether it’s calligraphy, paper cutting, or Chinese knotting, crafting can be both relaxing and educational. Set aside some time to practice and create your own decorations or personalized gifts, adding a unique touch to your Lunar New Year celebration.

Join a Festival: Many cities around the world host Chinese New Year events, showcasing traditional performances, parades, and cultural activities. Joining these events can immerse you in the festive spirit and stimulate your senses.

Watch a Lion Dance Performance: Lion dances are a dynamic and entertaining part of Chinese New Year festivals. These performances are beautiful, with heart-pumping drumming and cymbals. They are believed to bring good luck and drive away evil spirits. 

Commit to Feng Shui in Your Space: Embrace the traditional art of Feng Shui by rearranging and refreshing your living space. Clear out clutter, add plants or flowers for positive energy, and consider incorporating symbols of good fortune, such as a prosperity plant. Creating a harmonious and balanced environment can usher in good vibes for the Year of the Dragon.

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon offers a fantastic opportunity to embrace tradition, creativity, and joy. May your celebrations be filled with laughter, good fortune, and the promise of new beginnings. If you’re looking to bring flowers into your event, choose red petals to embody the symbolism of passion, vibrancy, and good fortune. For instance, our stunning Royal Anthuriums are a festive touch to any Chinese New Year celebration. At Allen’s Flower Market, we offer a complete selection of fresh-cut, skillfully arranged flowers and gifts. We are proud to offer same-day delivery of fresh flowers locally across Southern California and nationwide.