It’s Officially Summer! Celebrate with Tropical Flowers

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Tuesday, 21 June 2022 Back

It’s Officially Summer! Celebrate with Tropical Flowers

It’s Officially Summer! Celebrate with Tropical Flowers


Take Summer Events to the Next Level with Exotic Blooms

We made it – today is the first official day of summer! Nothing matches long, warm days and sun-drenched afternoons like a bright, eye-catching tropical bouquet. Tropical flowers offer irresistible elegance and variety and are the perfect conversation piece for all of your summer events. When a bouquet with hibiscus, birds of paradise, orchids, bromeliads, and colorful lilies lights up a room, you may as well declare your event a tropical paradise or island escape. Here’s our guide to tropical plants for all of your favorite summer events. 

How to Brighten June Birthday Parties

June’s flower of the month is the rose. Show up to a June birthday event with an armful of colorful tropical flowers that combine roses with island vibes. Our Island Breeze arrangement is an artful celebration of summer energy, where soft pink roses cradle cymbidium orchids, fragrant lavender, and hot pink calla lilies. Or, for a more understated effect, consider our Bolivian Butterfly bouquet, featuring a regal combination of purple roses, hydrangea, and several orchid varieties in a tall, slender glass vase.

Are You Hosting a BBQ? Make it Tropical!

Outdoor events are one of the great joys of the summer—jazz up your party tables and poolside relaxation zones with some luxurious tropical pizazz. Caribbean Caress is an excellent choice for a daytime party, given it is pale color notes and gentle pink hues. For a show-stopping bouquet that is the floral equivalent of a day-to-night outfit, consider Island Adventure. Its lush yellow orchid blooms and glossy lilies will shine in sunlight, candlelight, or both. 

How To Go Tropical for Your Next Work Event

Is your organization hosting a conference, party, fundraiser, or staff social this summer? Make your next corporate event a sight to behold by selecting stunning floral centerpieces and accents. Our Grand Paradise bouquet trumpets celebration, fun, and indulgence – and is basically a summer garden with every treasure in the tropical plant kingdom. A gentler take on the classic centerpiece that might better suit multiple dining tables is our Birds in Hand arrangement, where orchids, tiger lilies, Birds of Paradise, and delphinium burst from a round, bubble-shaped bowl. Are you honoring an award winner or a retiree? Make the moment ceremonial by decking them out with a lush, gorgeous orchid lei.

The Best Seasonal Wedding Flowers for Summer

Summer is hands down the most popular season of the year for weddings. If you’re getting married this summer, congratulations! Not only will your guests enjoy the sun and warm breezes – you open yourself to boundless opportunities to include special floral touches throughout the wedding experience. 

Allen’s Flower Market is proud to offer you every flower you need for your big day. Work with us to check each item on your floral checklist, from your bridal bouquet to boutonniere, flowers for your ceremony, reception, and members of your bridal party. Orchids, lilies, hyacinth, hydrangeas, and other Allen’s Flower Market favorites thrive in summer events. Proteas, anthuriums, freesia, and palm foliage are the best staples if you’re looking to insert a hint of jungle fever into your special day. 

Allen’s Flower Market, we offer an exciting variety bounty of bridal bouquets that honor the classics while offering variations on traditional themes – and give you the freedom to make it tropical. The all-white Fancy Phalaenopsis is a nod to an exotic garden or feathery dreamscape. This cascading bouquet is made of elegant white orchids that drape before the bride, emphasizing her walk down the aisle as a soft, tender expression of devotion. For brides who want a luscious, velvety assortment of deep red roses, tropical accents and ribbons, our Rosy Bridal Bouquet is a stunning option. No matter what you’re dreaming of in a bridal bouquet, Allen’s Flower Market has what you’re looking for. 

We also carry a versatile range of reception flowers to elaborate on the spirit of enchantment that comes to life during a wedding ceremony. For a spectacular arrangement that evokes a tropical wilderness and sits grandly atop a dining table, consider Purple Phalaenopsisity. This elegant, curly arrangement sets a tone of subtle, hushed grace. If you’re aiming to keep a white palate but still want to express the light airiness of summer, we recommend a centerpiece like Whispering White Orchids, which blends lilies, grasses, and hydrangea with the stars of the show, white dendrobium orchids, in a tall, citrus-filled glass cylinder vase. Or, go fully tropical with the brightly colored Tropical Paradise arrangement, a spicy red and pink ode to love, flirtation, and fun. 

Allen’s Flower Market has provided floral designs for parties of all shapes and sizes for over 40 years. We offer a complete selection of fresh-cut flowers, and we take pride in arranging them to heighten your experience of the joyful summer months. We are proud to deliver fresh flowers locally across Southern California and nationwide. As always, Allen’s Flower Market offers same-day delivery for all your floral orders.