The Real Story Behind Decorative Gourds

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Thursday, 07 November 2019 Back

The Real Story Behind Decorative Gourds

The Real Story Behind Decorative Gourds


How Did Everyone’s Favorite Oddity Come to Grace Fall Table Centerpieces?

As the harvest season is upon us and decorations announce abundance, the odd, bumpy character in everyone’s cornucopia might raise some interesting questions. How did decorative gourds become such an essential, cherished part of Fall décor? Where do they come from?

Tempting as it is to look at decorative gourds as a fad, they have a rich and scientifically complex history. Gourds have been in fashion in the United States since at least 1937 when the first chapter of the American Gourd Society was founded. Today, there are 24 of these chapters throughout the country. And while this near-100 year tradition is impressive, scientists have found evidence to suggest that humans have been selectively breeding gourds for around 8.000 years. Hard-rinded, bitter gourds are technically fruits and had such novel uses in earlier days as water-carrying vessels, spoons, and other implements, and in some cases even musical instruments.

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