The Recipe for a Perfect Summer Picnic

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Tuesday, 26 July 2022 Back

The Recipe for a Perfect Summer Picnic

The Recipe for a Perfect Summer Picnic


Easy Ways to Turn Your Picnic into a Special Occasion

Nothing says summer like a long, luxurious meal outdoors. Make it easy on your friends – pick a park, lay out a towel, and picnic the summer away. Here’s our guide to transforming an everyday picnic into a unique, memorable event. 


1. Give it a theme.


A themed event allows everyone to get creative, dress up, and do something playful. Maybe you want to add a rustic, old-school country vibe to your picnic -especially if you’re grilling. Think candles with sawdust in the base, burlap tablecloths, bandanas for napkins, and a game of horseshoes. Consider adding our Rustic Splendor to bring fresh, local flora to your picnic table. Or perhaps you prefer to give your picnic a color. Have your guests dress up in yellow or pink, serve up some lemonade or strawberry juice, and deck out your table with flowers to complete the picture. 


2. Make it a potluck


Take the pressure off by encouraging every guest to contribute something – whether it’s a dish they love, a beverage, or a dessert. For the people in your life who would rather show up with takeout than cook something in advance – lean on them to roll in with napkins, cups, bottle openers, and fun décor. 


Lift the vibe of the potluck by tossing a floral lei around each of your guests’ necks. Allen’s Flower Market carries an exciting variety of orchid and carnation leis that add a hint of luxury and a lot of smiles to any celebration.


3. Give your guests something to do.


Are you planning an all-day affair? If so – keep the fun going by supplying games and fun activities that will keep your guests entertained all day long. String a portable volleyball net between two trees, toss a ball into the mix, and voila! The game’s on. Bring a frisbee, croquet set, or an inflatable swimming pool, and your younger guests will be playing for hours. Make a summery playlist that lasts as long as your party will, and don’t skimp on the ice, water, sunscreen, and tasty beverages. If you can, throw in some lounge chairs, hammocks, lawn blankets, and barbecue supplies. 


4. Don’t forget your picnic supplies! 


No matter how inventive you want to get with your summer picnics this year, there are a few essentials that a must-haves for any picnic event:

  • Plenty of cooler space to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold.
  • Ice for your coolers. 
  • A surface to put food out – either a picnic table or a folding table.
  • Somewhere to sit – chairs, picnic blankets, yoga mats, etc. 
  • A good way to store food – Tupperware, mason jars, and plastic bags will all come in handy.
  • Cutlery and plates.
  • Umbrellas, sunhats, or a shady location.
  • A cutting board for food prep.
  • Candles, lanterns, flashlights, or string lights, in case your picnic goes into the evening.
  • Bags for trash and recycling.

Make your picnic extra special with a fresh bouquet or series of outdoor table centerpieces from Allen’s Flower Market. We have a wide variety of hand-tied bouquets, flowers in gorgeous vases, and floral accents to bring a cheerful touch to your barbecue, your snack spread, and your dining table. We offer fast, same-day delivery to make ordering easy for you. Check out our favorite summer flowers online.