What is Hygge and How Can It Transform Your Winter?

Posted By Allen's Flower Market On Thursday, 23 February 2023 Back

What is Hygge and How Can It Transform Your Winter?

What is Hygge and How Can It Transform Your Winter?


How To Fully Embrace the Great Indoors

While January's storms are behind us, we are still deep in the winter season. If fewer hours of sunlight and dipping temperatures have you dreaming of warmer days, consider this: cultures throughout Scandinavia are coping with even colder, much darker winters. To deal with the darkness and make the most of the winter season, the northern Europeans invented hygge. 

Hygge is a Danish word that refers to a feeling of coziness and contentment. It is often associated with lighting candles, enjoying good food and drink, and spending time with loved ones. The concept of hygge is central to Danish culture and is thought to contribute to the country's high levels of happiness. Imagine yourself walking down a snowy street bundled up and gazing at the soft light coming from houses with frosty windows, hearing the sound of laughter and happy conversion from indoors, where families and friends enjoy steaming drinks and bowls of hot food. 

You don't have to be in Denmark or a frozen northern country to take the best of the hygge spirit home. Here are a few ways to brighten up your winter and make your home feel more hygge:

  • Go all out on warm lighting. Use candles, Christmas lights, or a dimmer switch to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.
  • Bring out all your soft textiles. Use blankets, rugs, and cushions to create a sense of coziness and comfort in your living spaces.
  • Set up a cozy reading nook. Pick a comfortable chair or sofa and drape it with a blanket. Pull up a reading lamp to create the perfect space to curl up with a good book, relax, and reflect.
  • Invite your closest family and friends over. Hygge is all about creating a sense of connection and intimacy, so make sure to spend quality time with the people you love. You don't need to fuss over throwing big parties – there was plenty of that back in December! Instead, prioritize small gatherings where you know the conversation will be exciting and cheerful.
  • Enjoy good, nourishing food and drinks. Cook up comforting meals with loved ones, such as warm soups, casseroles, or your favorite comfort food. Go the extra mile by serving hot cocoa or red wine.
  • Winter cleaning, anyone? A bit of decluttering will do wonders to simplify your home and brighten your mindset so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Refresh your home's personal touches. When was the last time you placed new family photos on the mantle or dusted off your knickknacks? Shift your goodies around and freshen your shelves and decorative spaces to make your home feel more like you.
  • Make room for nature in your home. Add plants, flowers, or branches to your home to create a connection to the outdoors.

Scandinavian interiors are famously spare and minimal while still feeling warm and comfortable. Embrace your inner designer by artfully placing green plants throughout your home, especially in front of windows and on top of their own special furnishings, such as a small table or stool. Snake plants, such as sansevierias, are beloved houseplants that complement a Scandinavian design sense while nodding to California's Mediterranean climate. Or, for a softer, more tender-leafed plant, our Lemon Lime Dracena is the perfect minimalist accent plant. Bring color to your hygge set up with a rustic, chic bouquet like our Wildflower Fields, where lilies, proteas, and orchids snuggle up with eucalyptus leaves and other fresh greenery. 

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