Your Guide to Advent Flowers

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Your Guide to Advent Flowers

Your Guide to Advent Flowers


How To Bring Some Light To Your Advent Spreads

The tradition behind the Advent Calendar is all too easily overshadowed by the reward of a nibble of chocolate here or there to entice youngsters during the season of giving. However, there is more to Advent than meets the eye. In Catholic tradition, Advent is a season on the Church's liturgical calendar that is marked on the calendar of the Latin Church, which is the largest Church in communion with the pope.

The idea with Advent is to settle into anticipation and joy – as it is meant to both commemorate and lead up to the Birth of Christ, and to demarcate a season to focus on Christ’s second coming

Advent is recognized with violet hues – just as other key dates in the Liturgical calendar have special colorways. While it shares its violet hallmark with Lent, Advent is not a penitential season – on the contrary, it’s a moment for sweetness and hope. For this reason, the four Sundays in Advent have special significance for Catholics and other Christian worshippers as well.

More casual observers of Advent who are in it for the Christmas Eve countdown and the ritual of uncovering a new day each day during the magical Holiday season can also enjoy the sweetness of anticipation. Anyone with an Advent Calendar might consider adding flowers to the mix to build intrigue, texture, and rhythm into your decorative scheme. Allen’s Flower Market has an exciting variety of violet blooms as well as a classic array of wintry and holiday bouquets and table settings.­­

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