This Sunday, Honor Cancer Survivors with Flowers

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This Sunday, Honor Cancer Survivors with Flowers

This Sunday, Honor Cancer Survivors with Flowers


Become an Inspiration to Cancer Survivors

Sometimes, showing support for a loved one undergoing a critical healthcare problem goes deeper than sending a “Get Well Soon” card and calling it a day. Cancer is one of the world’s leading causes of death. Under some circumstances, a cancer diagnosis can feel like a death sentence. There is a weight associated with the disease that immediately signals to a person that their life will dramatically shift once diagnosed once they succeed in fighting it off. 

Fortunately, more people are surviving cancer than ever before. Due to expanded treatment options and an increasing number of doctors who are aware of the best path forward for specific forms of cancer, more than 80% of people diagnosed with cancer will survive. In fact, these days, cancer patients are twice as likely to survive for at least 10 years after a diagnosis than they were 35 years ago. 

This Sunday, June 6, is National Cancer Survivor’s Day. The purpose of this day is to drive home a public message that even after a cancer diagnosis, life goes on. Towns and hospitals observe the day with parades, ceremonies, charity events, and fundraisers.

What makes National Cancer Survivor’s Day important? Ask anyone who is currently fighting a devastating disease – having the support, involvement, and advocacy of their friends, families, and communities is sure to lift their energy and ignite their willingness to fight their illness. In fact, maintaining a positive attitude in the face of a disease like cancer has proven to be successful. Here what Doctor Ernest H. Rosenbaum, M.D., has to say about the power of community in healing in the Stanford Medical Journal: 

“Sharing your life with others and receiving aid or support from friends and family will improve your ability to cope and help you fight for your life. A person who is lonely or alone often feels like a helpless victim. There is a need to share your own problems, but helping others find solutions to or cope better with the problems of daily living gives strength to both the giver and the receiver.”

In a deeper discussion of the will to live, Dr. Rosenbaum goes on to describe that grit and passion for survival can legitimately impact a patient’s likelihood of getting through cancer.

The question becomes – how can you act as a support to the people you know who are either struggling with a form of cancer or who successfully fought and made it to the other side? For one thing, being a reliable friend, partner, or guide can be crucial to a survivor’s ability to cope. After all, while a cancer patient is being treated, they receive ceaseless attention from their healthcare providers. Afterward, they are left to put back the pieces of their life without constant oversight. 

Make a cancer survivor’s home feel fresh and help to fill their days with a sense of purpose. A simple way to show your support is through acts of kindness and gifts. Coming over to check in with an armful of cheerful florals, such as our Razzle Dazzle bouquet, is a great way to brighten any survivor’s day. Help to encourage a healthy living space with a potted plant such as our Lemon Lime Dracena, a sturdy and easy to care for snake plant that does wonders for indoor air quality. Do you know someone who is in the throes of fighting cancer? Show your love and care with one of the mood-lifting Get Well Bouquets we carry at Allen’s Flower Market. We also provide a variety of sweet Get Well Mylar Balloons to complete your gift.

Allen’s Flower Market has been a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years. We know that life and health have their twists and turns, and we are here to make floral gift-giving as loving and easy as possible with same-day delivery.