Make This Passover Unforgettable

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Make This Passover Unforgettable

Make This Passover Unforgettable


Your Most Special Passover Yet, Plus The Best Flowers for Passover

Passover begins next Monday. How will your family observe this special time for reflection, gratitude, and celebration? Here are some ideas and floral inspirations to make this year’s Passover one for the books:

  • Host a Themed Seder: Fold a theme into your Passover Seder to add an extra layer of meaning and engagement. Themes could focus on freedom, redemption, gratitude, or family history. You could also explore themes related to specific aspects of the Passover story, such as the symbolism of the Seder plate.
  • Help Children Unlock their Creativity: Passover is a family-oriented holiday, and involving children in the celebration can make it even more special. Encourage children to participate in the Seder by asking questions, reading from the Haggadah, and acting out parts of the story. You can also create a memorable scene for children with crafts, games, and activities, such as making matzah covers, designing Seder plates, or staging a miniature Exodus with toy figures.
  • Create a Special Haggadah: Customize your Haggadah to reflect your family's values, traditions, and personal experiences. Include readings, songs, and rituals that resonate with your family and add depth to the Passover story.
  • Have Fun in the Kitchen: Passover is a time for culinary exploration and tradition. Experiment with traditional Passover recipes from different cultural backgrounds, such as Sephardic, Ashkenazi, or Mizrahi cuisine. You can also put a modern twist on classic dishes or explore innovative Passover-friendly recipes using seasonal ingredients. Don't forget to include symbolic foods on your Seder plate, such as bitter herbs, charoset, and a roasted shank bone or egg.
  • Open Your Home to Your Community: Passover is a time for coming together as a community and extending hospitality to others. Consider hosting a communal Seder for friends, family, or members of your local Jewish community. You can also reach out to those who may be alone or in need during the holiday season and invite them to join your celebration. Sharing the Passover experience with others can deepen connections and foster a sense of belonging and solidarity. 

Make Passover A Festive Week with Flowers

Enhance the spirit of Passover with the timeless beauty and symbolism of flowers. There is no single bloom that is the preferred flower for this holiday – however, in the spirit of springtime, many amazing flowers can contribute to your Passover décor.  White lilies, with their pristine petals and delicate fragrances, are a fitting symbol of purity and renewal, making them a popular choice for Passover decorations. As the holiday marks the beginning of spring and the renewal of nature, white lilies serve as a reminder of the purity of heart and the hope for a brighter future. 

Roses are another meaningful addition to any Passover celebration. In Jewish tradition, the rose is associated with love and redemption, representing the enduring bond between God and His people. 

Incorporate roses into your Passover floral arrangements to symbolize the love and compassion that permeate the holiday. Similarly, hyacinths are a delightful choice for Passover decorations, symbolizing rebirth and growth. Use hyacinths in your Passover floral displays to evoke a sense of vitality and rejuvenation. For a more formal symbol of faith, choose irises. The iris represents faith and wisdom and is thought to inspire contemplation and introspection, fostering a deeper connection to the spiritual aspects of the holiday.

As you gather with loved ones to partake in Passover rituals, let the beauty of flowers inspire gratitude, joy, and a deeper connection to timeless traditions. At Allen’s Flower Market, we’re proud to uplift your celebrations with perfect blooms that highlight Passover hospitality. We offer same-day delivery for all your floral needs, locally and nationwide. Check out our Spring arrangements online: